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About Us

The B.A. & Esther Greenheck Foundation was established in 1998 by Bernie and Esther Greenheck. Today,
their son-in-law and daughter, Brian and Sandy Gumness — as well as their grandchildren and several community leaders — play an important role in managing the foundation and preserving Bernie and Esther's legacy.

Our purpose is to provide financial support for meaningful projects in Central Wisconsin that enhance the area’s
arts, education, health, economic and social development resources. We encourage people to submit clear,
concise grant applications. Our board of trustees evaluates grant applications six times each year.

Board of Trustees 2014
Board of Trustees 2009
Brian Gumness
Brian Gumness,
Executive Director
Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown,
Operations Administrator
Sandy Greenheck-Gumness
Sandy Greenheck-Gumness,
Board Trustee
Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley,
Board Trustee
Pamela Coenen
Pamela Jackson,
Board Trustee
Don Grade
Don Grade,
Board Trustee
Jon (Andy) Jackson
Jon (Andy) Jackson,
Board Trustee
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson,
Board Trustee
Peter Jackson
Jack (Eben) Jackson,
Board Trustee
Jean Tehan
Jean Tehan,
Board Trustee


Bob Weirauch
Bob Weirauch,
Board Trustee

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